Sonic branding for i-mens

i-mens is the fusion between ‘Solidariteit van het Gezin’ and ‘Thuishulp’. By joining forces they want to tackle new challenges in the healthcare sector.

Creative agency Karakters who lead the entire branding campaign, asked us to develop a sonic identity. We composed a brand score and a sound logo you can now hear on TV, radio and online.

i-mens soundlogo
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We worked around three keywords that were very important to i-mens: autonomy, humanity and authenticity. That's why we choose to work with piano and guitars who really give an authentic and human touch to the score.

The addition of bells and strings bring a balance between serenity and playfulness. It was also very important to enhance the universal feeling: everybody is i-mens. The score and sound logo therefor need to address everyone, no distinction in terms of age or ethnicity.

i-mens brand score
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