Audio post production

The Art Dispute

Recently there is a growing recognition of the validity of restitution claims. But what is cultural ownership? Who owns culture? “The Art Dispute” (Roofkunst) is a four-part television series that examines the historical legacy and its current implications. Audiotheque did the audio post production for the series.

credits +
Produced by: Hazazah and BNNVARA
Idea by: Maarten Kuit
Directed by: Hans Pool
Presentation by: Erik Dijkstra
Music: Matthijs Kieboom
Audio post production by: Audiotheque
With animations of : Volstok

VDAB en alles beweegt

We love it when someone asks us for some edgy music. So we want to thank Helvetica and Lovo films for posing the question.

credits +
Directors: Helvetica: Francois Mercier & Hans Vercauter
Produced by: Lovo Films
Song: Glue in the Dark by Raveyards
Mixed by: Audiotheque

Baloji - Spoiler

We co-wrote and - produced a series of vibrant summer songs for Belgian artist Baloji.

credits +
Music: Written by Francois de Meyer and baloji
Production: Audiotheque


Belgian electronic rock band Goose made a song with the engine sounds of an Audi RS. Audio postproduction and soundfx by Audiotheque.

credits +
Music: Goose
Director: Wim Reygaert
Production: Caviar
Concept: Safari Studios
Audio post production: Audiotheque