Audio post production

VDAB en alles beweegt

We love it when someone asks us for some edgy music. So we want to thank Helvetica and Lovo films for posing the question.

credits +
Directors: Helvetica: Francois Mercier & Hans Vercauter
Produced by: Lovo Films
Song: Glue in the Dark by Raveyards
Mixed by: Audiotheque

The Art Dispute

Recently there is a growing recognition of the validity of restitution claims. But what is cultural ownership? Who owns culture? “The Art Dispute” (Roofkunst) is a four-part television series that examines the historical legacy and its current implications. Audiotheque did the audio post production for the series.

credits +
Produced by: Hazazah and BNNVARA
Idea by: Maarten Kuit
Directed by: Hans Pool
Presentation by: Erik Dijkstra
Music: Matthijs Kieboom
Audio post production by: Audiotheque
With animations of : Volstok

Baloji - Spoiler

We co-wrote and - produced a series of vibrant summer songs for Belgian artist Baloji.

credits +
Music: Written by Francois de Meyer and baloji
Production: Audiotheque


Belgian electronic rock band Goose made a song with the engine sounds of an Audi RS. Audio postproduction and soundfx by Audiotheque.

credits +
Music: Goose
Director: Wim Reygaert
Production: Caviar
Concept: Safari Studios
Audio post production: Audiotheque