A silky smooth track titled Shampoo, from our band Raveyards.

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Music: Raveyards


Our band Raveyards is rooted in the Gentian underground scene. Our style doesn't let itself translate quite so easily, but we like to refer to it as industrial or instrumental hip-hop. Our live performances are always a true experience where we also place a lot of emphasis on the visual aspect.

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Vox Synths: Francois
Guitar: Brent
Synths: Stefan
Drums: Joris


Ghost is a carousel of short performances (music, art). The concept was formed when we had to bring a support act for our band Raveyards and we just couldn't decide which awesome band to bring. So we started to invite them all...

This was Ghost Leuven

A dazzling music and art performance carousel at Stuk Leuven, designed to get you moving. Relive the epic night with our after movie. This time, without the hangover. More information at

Radio Soulwax: Into The Vortex

Take a trip through the vortex on this 1-hour long video for Soulwax radio. You’ll return reborn.

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Concept: Soulwax and Wim Reygaert
Director: Wim Reygaert
DOP: Brecht Goyvaerts
Art Director: Stefan Bracke

1988 is a techno party concept, founded by nightlife rebels DJ Thang, Maximiliaan Dierickx, and Stefan Bracke.