GHOST 'Alien Edition'

In 2019 we celebrate the 40th Birthday of ‘Alien’, the iconic scifi classic from director Ridley Scott. The film, with the monster of H.R. Giger that since then became legendary, was given an unforgettable victory in Vooruit on Saturday 12 October.

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Raveyards - Cid Com

It's 1002219 a.d. Discover Cid Com, a planet 5 galaxies away.

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Video: Lion Beach
Music: Raveyards

KYEM - Blue Cat

"Blue Cat" is the first single of KYEM, the musical match made in heaven between Francois De Meyer and Tim De Gieter. A sensual, silky-smooth blend of pop & RnB.

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Ghost is a carousel of short performances (music, art). The concept was formed when we had to bring a support act for our band Raveyards and we just couldn't decide which awesome band to bring. So we started to invite them all...

Raveyards - Fazer

Second release of 2019 'Fazer' is a track that will instantly smack you off your feet. The band finally reveals their face in a clip directed by Francois de Meyer and the young and talented Alexander Deprez. Let's play.

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Raveyards: Francois De Meyer, Joris Casier and Brent Vanneste
Clip directed by: Francois De Meyer and Alexander Deprez

Raveyards - Glue in the Dark

The year 2019 marks the beginning of an entirely new Raveyards-experience, with new music and a new live set up. Their new musical approach could be described as electroclash, clubbing pounding beats and huge build-ups. Listen to their first single ‘Glue In The Dark'.

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vocals and synths - conceptualist and producer: Francois De Meyer
Drums: Joris Casier
Guitar and vocals: Brent Vanneste