Etex Sonic Branding

When we think of branding, we tend to envision logos, specific colours or a recognizable visual style. However, there’s more than meets the eye: with sonic branding we want to make sure that a brand or organization is heard as well as seen.

Sonic branding can help bring more attention to a brand. It encourages loyalty and enhances brand recall. That’s exactly what Gutzandglory envisioned for their client Etex.

By creating a brand score, we wanted to incorporate the core values of Etex as a brand and a company. From there on, we started creating the sonic logo, using the same melody and ambiance.

Brand scores

Etex is an international building company specialized in lightweight and future-proof building solutions. Hence the choice to start off with an electronic score. As an international company we believe the score has to be globally appealing. Since they invest in light, resilient and durable building materials we don’t want to score to feel to heavy but believe should have a very fresh sound. On the other hand we don’t want them to sound too young with over 100 years of experience in certain fields. The score should be overall warm, uplifting and stimulating.

We composed one basic electronic track and distilled two versions with an acoustic touch: one with guitar and one with piano. These three tracks can be used together or separately.

Etex brand score original
0:00 -:--
Etex brand score piano
0:00 -:--
Etex brand score acoustic
0:00 -:--

Sound logo

Once we had the right direction for the score, we started creating different sonic logos. It was important that the sound logo formed a perfect ending for the score, but it also had to be able to stand on its own.

Etex soundlogo
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