Siblings - second single by Soapstarter

In a unified new EP coming from Soapstarter, Siblings' theme cuts into the feeling we're all experiencing these days. A fine line between the obligation and uncanny necessity to live day by day, the struggle of routine and the liberty of being able to enjoy the smallest things in life.

credits +
Written and produced by: Francois De Meyer
Artwork : Paulynka

New single for Soapstarter

After 13 years, Soapstarter is back! This feelgood funkpop project of Francois De Meyer will release their EP 'Sudden Moves' on april 24th. Awaiting this moment, you can now listen to their first single 'Say Nothing'.

credits +
Written and produced by : Francois De Meyer
Vocals: Francois De Meyer
Live guitar: Joppe Tanghe
Live bass: Owen Perry Weston
Live drums: Sylvester Vanborm
Live synths: Stijn Vanmarsenille

Raveyards - Cid Com

It's 1002219 a.d. Discover Cid Com, a planet 5 galaxies away.

credits +
Video: Lion Beach
Music: Raveyards

KYEM - Blue Cat

"Blue Cat" is the first single of KYEM, the musical match made in heaven between Francois De Meyer and Tim De Gieter. A sensual, silky-smooth blend of pop & RnB.

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Raveyards - Fazer

Second release of 2019 'Fazer' is a track that will instantly smack you off your feet. The band finally reveals their face in a clip directed by Francois de Meyer and the young and talented Alexander Deprez. Let's play.

credits +
Raveyards: Francois De Meyer, Joris Casier and Brent Vanneste
Clip directed by: Francois De Meyer and Alexander Deprez

Raveyards - Glue in the Dark

The year 2019 marks the beginning of an entirely new Raveyards-experience, with new music and a new live set up. Their new musical approach could be described as electroclash, clubbing pounding beats and huge build-ups. Listen to their first single ‘Glue In The Dark'.

credits +
vocals and synths - conceptualist and producer: Francois De Meyer
Drums: Joris Casier
Guitar and vocals: Brent Vanneste


This project was founded by Francois De Meyer and DJ Thang. After making countless remixes for artists like Adele, Yessayer, Digitalism, Human League, Royksopp, Ladyhawk, Yuksek etc., they started releasing their own tracks on Partyfine and Clubmod (Modular).

KYEM is a match made in heaven between multi-instrumentalist and producer Tim De Gieter (FÄR, Every Stranger Looks Like You) en musical jack of all trades Francois De Meyer.

credits +
Conceptualist and writer: Francois De Meyer
Multi-instrumentalist: Tim De Gieter
Produced by : Francois & Tim

VDAB en alles beweegt

We love it when someone asks us for some edgy music. So we want to thank Helvetica and Lovo films for posing the question.

credits +
Directors: Helvetica: Francois Mercier & Hans Vercauter
Produced by: Lovo Films
Song: Glue in the Dark by Raveyards
Mixed by: Audiotheque


Our band Raveyards is rooted in the Gentian underground scene. Our style doesn't let itself translate quite so easily, but we like to refer to it as industrial or instrumental hip-hop. Our live performances are always a true experience where we also place a lot of emphasis on the visual aspect.

credits +
Vox Synths: Francois
Guitar: Brent
Drums: Joris


With his solo projet, Stefan Bracke pays tribute to Belgian new beat with both remakes and own music.

credits +
Conceptualist and producer: Stefan Bracke


A poppy, acoustic project with a funky touch. Their first record 'Naked Wheels' was released in 2007, back then Soapstarter was a 8 piece band and played at different festivals such as Pukkelpop, Leffingeleuren, Feest In Het Park and Dour.

credits +
Music by: Francois De Meyer, Kris Buckle

Disko Drunkards

Funky disco live project of The Glimmers (Mo Becha en David Fouquaert) and Francois De Meyer, Stephane Missehers, Tim Vanhamel and Ben Brunin.

credits +
Disko Drunkards: Mo Glimmer, Dave Glimmer, Ben Brunin, Stephane Misseghers, François De Meyer, Tim Vanhamel
Music video director: Hans Buyse
Postproduction: Maarten Van Vooren (VISUAL CREATIONS) and Karel Vandezande

Foxylane - Command

The song by Foxylane was used in GTA IV "Lost And Damned".

credits +
Band members: Jeroen De Pessemier, Stefan Bracke, Laurens Smagghe, Jan Detremerie, Thang Tran Tung & Stéphane Misseghers