Music production

This was Ghost Leuven

A dazzling music and art performance carousel at Stuk Leuven, designed to get you moving. Relive the epic night with our after movie. This time, without the hangover. More information at


A silky smooth track titled Shampoo, from our band Raveyards.

credits +
Music: Raveyards

Skydiver 360°

For our band’s song Skydiver, we shot a 360° video in the ‘Sint Jacobs’ church in Ghent, placing the viewer right in the action. Surrounded by heavy beats and piercing projections.

Baloji - Zombies

The fact that Baloji is a multi-talented musician ànd artist, is again proven by his latest self-direct video ‘Zombies’. The video is a visual declaration about the zombie-fying effects of communication technology.The film's soundtrack is taken from Baloji’s 2018 album 137 Avenue Kaniama. The second song ‘Zombie’ (Glossine) was co-written and co-produced by Francois De Meyer (Audiotheque).

credits +
Composed by: Baloji, François De Meyer (Audiotheque), Stéphane Braeke, Ntale Ruhana Toms
Produced by: François De Meyer, Toms Ntale, Baloji
Video directed by: Baloji


What happens when you mix some super talented drone cinematographers, an amazing animation studio and some super-motivated musicians? The video was first at the In.Air Amsterdam International Drone Film Festival.

credits +
Animation: Volstok
Music and sound design: Audiotheque
Drone shot: Skillshot Aerial Cinematography

Baloji - Spoiler

We co-wrote and - produced a series of vibrant summer songs for Belgian artist Baloji.

credits +
Music: Written by Francois de Meyer and baloji
Production: Audiotheque


Heineken launched a global contest challenging people to share their dreams. The winners believed they won their dream vacation when actually, they won the chance to live out their dream on a deserted island. One of the winners, German, had the dream to become a music star playing his red guitar. We travelled all the way to Thailand to write, record and perform a song together with German. The result? A catchy pop-song called The Prize that you hear throughout the ad.

credits +
Music: Audiotheque
Agency: Publicis Italy

Rumours - Somebody feat. Pop Dirty

Somebody is the second single from MEGAMIX, wich came out in March 2018. The song is produced by Pop Dirty, aka Francois De Meyer.

credits +
Producer: Pop Dirty (Francois De Meyer) for Audiotheque
Filmed and directed by: Eva Vlonk, Joppe Behaeghe and Rumours