Music production

Check out our showreels

For all these years we've been saying "let's make a showreel". And now we finally did it. Not one showreel but four! Check it out.

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This was Ghost Leuven

A dazzling music and art performance carousel at Stuk Leuven, designed to get you moving. Relive the epic night with our after movie. This time, without the hangover. More information at


A silky smooth track titled Shampoo, from our band Raveyards.

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Music: Raveyards

Skydiver 360°

For our band’s song Skydiver, we shot a 360° video in the ‘Sint Jacobs’ church in Ghent, placing the viewer right in the action. Surrounded by heavy beats and piercing projections.

11 million reasons

Every person knows why they want to keep fighting the Corona virus. That’s why Belgium has 11 million reasons to stay brave. What’s your reason?

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Client: Federal Government Belgium
Agency: Happiness
Music : Audiotheque


What happens when you mix some super talented drone cinematographers, an amazing animation studio and some super-motivated musicians? The video was first at the In.Air Amsterdam International Drone Film Festival.

credits +
Animation: Volstok
Music and sound design: Audiotheque
Drone shot: Skillshot Aerial Cinematography

Baloji - Spoiler

We co-wrote and - produced a series of vibrant summer songs for Belgian artist Baloji.

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Music: Written by Francois de Meyer and baloji
Production: Audiotheque


Heineken launched a global contest challenging people to share their dreams. The winners believed they won their dream vacation when actually, they won the chance to live out their dream on a deserted island. One of the winners, German, had the dream to become a music star playing his red guitar. We travelled all the way to Thailand to write, record and perform a song together with German. The result? A catchy pop-song called The Prize that you hear throughout the ad.

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Music: Audiotheque
Agency: Publicis Italy

Rumours - Somebody feat. Pop Dirty

Somebody is the second single from MEGAMIX, wich came out in March 2018. The song is produced by Pop Dirty, aka Francois De Meyer.

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Producer: Pop Dirty (Francois De Meyer) for Audiotheque
Filmed and directed by: Eva Vlonk, Joppe Behaeghe and Rumours