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Audiotheque is an all-round sound production agency based in Ghent, Belgium. We make music and create sound design for commercial and artistic purposes. We operate as an integrated partner offering original music, sound effects, voice overs, foley, film scores, mixing, editing and mastering.

Furthermore, we can help you with professional equipment and facilities for the recording of your podcast and help you create the right format. Recently, we also gained a lot of expertise in spatial audio and the application of audio for augmented/immersive reality.

Our founders Francois De Meyer and Stefan Bracke are far from newbies in the music industry. Besides being cemented in studio life (productions for Baloji, Raketkanon, Lee Anderson…), they’re still veteran artists and live performers at heart (Raveyards, Villa, Foxylane, The Subs, TTN, KYEM) and event curators by soul (Ghost and ‘1988’).Audiotheque started out as a side passion project between two friends connected by music and has been growing ever since. Today, we can proudly present a large list of collaborations with high-end brands, agencies and artists. Discover them here.

In 2017, Louise-Marie (aka Loumie) joined the team. She's the glue that makes sure everything sticks together and all project run smoothly. So, let’s talk music, shall we?

Our studios

Our creative & production studios are located at a former Freinet school in the heart of Ghent, yet easily accessible by both public transport and by car.

On the ground floor, we have a productional audio studio, optimized for recordings, voice overs, editing and mixing. In our creative studio on the first floor, we produce original music. With an area of 100 square meters stacked with plugged-in instruments, we’re ready to record anything at anytime. As long as it’s awesome.

Photo: Hanse Cora

Building on our free spirit, we transformed the school into a creative hub. Among us, you’ll find a photo studio, four well-known photographers, an artist’s promotion agency and one of Belgian’s largest and most avant-garde production company for runway shows.

Photo: Hanse Cora

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