Team Belgium

Together with Daan, Hotel Hungaria and directors Norman bates we kick off the official campaign of 'Team Belgium' for the Olympics in 2024.

credits +
Original track: Victory by Daan
Remix & rework: Audiotheque
Sound design: Audiotheque
Directors: Norman Bates
Production Company: Hotel Hungaria


The electricity grid plays the leading role in the TV spot and campaign idea Networks for Tomorrow. RCA developed a story together with director Willem Volker and De Machine in which we literally dive into the core: the electricity cable. Electricity as that invisible and connecting force.

credits +
Music & sound design: Audiotheque
Production Company: De Machine
Client: Fluvius
Director: Willem Volker
Agency: RCA

Seaqual by BekaertDeslee

BekaertDeslee, the global market leader in the development and production of mattress textiles, and SEAQUAL™ have made it their mission to stop our ocean’s pollution and restore its balance. Together they produce recycled fabrics and use them to make comfortable mattresses and pillows for a good night’s sleep and a clean conscience. We made the music for this beautiful and present-day campaign.

credits +
Music: Audiotheque
Agency: Gents
Client: BekaertDeslee


We’re the lead creative music provider for Alpro. Composing music for all the brand’s European campaigns and product launches since 2013, we helped forming the enitre Alpro universe.

Fruit your life with Materne

A sunny campaign for cold and rainy days. Song production, sound effects and voice over recordings by Audiotheque.

credits +
Client: Materne
Agency: Duke & Grace
Production: The Breakfast Club
Music & sound design: Audiotheque

Sonic branding for i-mens

i-mens is the fusion between ‘Solidariteit van het Gezin’ and ‘Thuishulp’. By joining forces they want to tackle new challenges in the healthcare sector.Creative agency Karakters who lead the entire branding campaign, asked us to develop a sonic identity. We composed a brand score and a sound logo you can now hear on TV, radio and online.

credits +
Sonic branding: Audiotheque
Agency: Karakters
Photography: Lieve Blancquaert

Infrabel Sound Logo & Image campaign

To give their image a boost and work on employer branding, Infrabel launched a new campaign. We were asked to compose the music and design a sound logo for them.

credits +
Client: Infrabel
Agency: gents
Video: The Breakfast Club
Music & sound design: Audiotheque


An alpaca reading the news and an ancient knight telling you about how fast, modern and logic the new services of Yuzzu are. Makes no sense… or does it?

credits +
Client: Yuzzu
Animations: Volstok
Agency: Boondoggle

De Morgen: Exit Democratie

For Belgian newspaper ‘De Morgen’, we created a sound design with custom sound FX for their ‘Exit Democratie commercial’, about the future of democracy. We used actual news audio snippets to create the sound design.

credits +
Sound Design and Sound effects: Audiotheque
Animation: Charles De Meyer
Production: Adult.TV
Agency: Boondoggle
Concept & Art Direction: Chris Goossens
Concept & Copywriting: Robbie Cap