Sound effects


We’re the lead creative music provider for Alpro. Composing music for all the brand’s European campaigns and product launches since 2013, we helped forming the enitre Alpro universe.

Eastpak x Warhol

We created a minimalistic sound design for the new Warhol x Eastpak collection, embracing the mystical atmosphere of the animation.

credits +
Sound design and Sound effects: Audiotheque
Production: Bounce Rocks
Animation: Frederik Heyman


What happens when you mix some super talented drone cinematographers, an amazing animation studio and some super-motivated musicians? The video was first at the In.Air Amsterdam International Drone Film Festival.

credits +
Animation: Volstok
Music and sound design: Audiotheque
Drone shot: Skillshot Aerial Cinematography

Schweppes: The Original since 1783

For the ‘what-did-you-expect’ brand, we composed an audacious, powerful banger inspired by the popping noise of opening a Schweppes bottle. The campaign was played on TV and in theaters worldwide.

credits +
Music and Sound effects : Audiotheque (Rework of Sarabande by Haendel)
Agency: Axford-Tjon
Visuals: Kitchhock

Alpro. Ingredient of a good start!

For Alpro’s European campaign ‘Ingredient of a good start’ we did sound FX and wrote an exciting spring soundtrack. Making the dreaminess of the commercial and the uplifting spring vibes come alive

credits +
Agency: Gents
Music: Audiotheque
Production: Caviar Netherlands

De Morgen: Exit Democratie

For Belgian newspaper ‘De Morgen’, we created a sound design with custom sound FX for their ‘Exit Democratie commercial’, about the future of democracy. We used actual news audio snippets to create the sound design.

credits +
Sound Design and Sound effects: Audiotheque
Animation: Charles De Meyer
Production: Adult.TV
Agency: Boondoggle
Concept & Art Direction: Chris Goossens
Concept & Copywriting: Robbie Cap

HeyHey apps

HeyHey Apps is an app studio who creates beautiful iOS apps for children. Audiotheque created the tunes and soundfx for three or their apps.

credits +
Music and sound design: Audiotheque
Design: Bué the Warrior
App: HeyHey Apps