Keytrade Bank

For the new campaign of Keytrade Bank we made this 'Thug Life' tag-on to go with the animated logo.

credits +
Agency: Federate
Audio: Audiotheque
Client: Keytrade Bank

Baloji - Zombies

The fact that Baloji is a multi-talented musician ànd artist, is again proven by his latest self-direct video ‘Zombies’. The video is a visual declaration about the zombie-fying effects of communication technology.The film's soundtrack is taken from Baloji’s 2018 album 137 Avenue Kaniama. The second song ‘Zombie’ (Glossine) was co-written and co-produced by Francois De Meyer (Audiotheque).

credits +
Composed by: Baloji, François De Meyer (Audiotheque), Stéphane Braeke, Ntale Ruhana Toms
Produced by: François De Meyer, Toms Ntale, Baloji
Video directed by: Baloji

O'Tacos Beatmaker

Together with mortierbrigade, we made an online beat maker for leading tacos restaurant O'Tacos.

credits +
Clients: O'Tacos
Agency: mortierbrigade
Music and sound design: Audiotheque

Say it with Baunat

High-quality diamond jewelery deserves classy music. A piano and string piece written and produced by Audiotheque.

credits +
Music: Audiotheque

In 2015, we took on the challenge of creating the sonic DNA for één, one of the biggest TV channels in Belgium. We created numerous sound logos and tracks to smoothly transition from one program to the next.

Colruyt Group

Who needs stock music when you have a huge back catalog? We helped Colruyt Group to raise awaireness around their sustainability report.

credits +
Music and soundfx: Audiotheque
Animation: Volstok
Client: Colruyt Group