Heineken launched a global contest challenging people to share their dreams. The winners believed they won their dream vacation when actually, they won the chance to live out their dream on a deserted island. One of the winners, German, had the dream to become a music star playing his red guitar. We travelled all the way to Thailand to write, record and perform a song together with German. The result? A catchy pop-song called The Prize that you hear throughout the ad.

credits +
Music: Audiotheque
Agency: Publicis Italy

Ghost Eye short movie

Ghost Eye is an animated short movie produced by Volstok, written and directed by Wouter Sel and Thijs De Cloedt. It's a grim story about a washed-up taxi driver living in disarray, struggling with his past, his purpose and his drinking problem. Honoured to have been able to make the entire scoring and bruitage for this masterpiece!

credits +
Production : Volstok
Writers : Wouter Sel & Thijs De Cloedt
Directors: Wouter Sel & Thijs De Cloedt
Music and sound effects: Audiotheque

American Tourister

There’s no living in exile with an American Tourister suitcase. Music by Audiotheque.

credits +
Music : Audiotheque
Directors: Helvetica
Production : Lovo Films

HLN app

Catchy electronic song that helps you disvover the four worlds of the new app of Belgian newspaper HLN.

credits +
Client: HLN
Production: Make
Music: Audiotheque

VDAB en alles beweegt

We love it when someone asks us for some edgy music. So we want to thank Helvetica and Lovo films for posing the question.

credits +
Directors: Helvetica: Francois Mercier & Hans Vercauter
Produced by: Lovo Films
Song: Glue in the Dark by Raveyards
Mixed by: Audiotheque

Fruit your life with Materne

A sunny campaign for cold and rainy days. Song production, sound effects and voice over recordings by Audiotheque.

credits +
Client: Materne
Agency: Duke & Grace
Production: The Breakfast Club
Music & sound design: Audiotheque

Europe rocks your senses

We absolutely loved working together with Helvetica again, making music and tailoring sound effects for this project. Let this video pull you along Europe’s most delicious products

credits +
Music & sound effects: Audiotheque
Directors: Helvetica
Production: Lovo Films
Client: DG Agri

Happy 2020 from Belfius

Our first project of 2020 is this stirring New Year's video for Belgian bank Belfius. Music by Audiotheque.

credits +
Music: Audiotheque
Production company: Humans
Director: Heleen Declercq
Executive producer: Jessy Nelemans
Concept: Dieter Vanhoof