In 2015, we took on the challenge of creating the sonic DNA for één, one of the biggest TV channels in Belgium. We created numerous sound logos and tracks to smoothly transition from one program to the next.

Say it with Baunat

High-quality diamond jewelery deserves classy music. A piano and string piece written and produced by Audiotheque.

credits +
Music: Audiotheque


A beer that brings out the best in you, deserves a song that is destined to be stuck in your head for days.

credits +
Advertising Agency : Federate
Music & radio production: Audiotheque (François De Meyer)
Creative Director: Denis Dubrulle, Thomas Danthine
Creation: Denis Dubrulle, Thomas Danthine, Manoah Iannello, Gil Gauniaux
Project Management: Yana Huygens
TV Production: VHS (Manon Lambert & Zoubeir Ben Hmouda)


We’re the lead creative music provider for Alpro. Composing music for all the brand’s European campaigns and product launches since 2013, we helped forming the enitre Alpro universe.

Ray-Ban Virtual Try-On

An original electronic composition we made for Ray-Ban’s Virtual Try-On activation campaign. Transforming the low poly designs into low poly synth pop.

credits +
Music: Audiotheque
Agency : Gents
Client: Ray-Ban

Eastpak x Warhol

We created a minimalistic sound design for the new Warhol x Eastpak collection, embracing the mystical atmosphere of the animation.

credits +
Sound design and Sound effects: Audiotheque
Production: Bounce Rocks
Animation: Frederik Heyman