HLN app

Catchy electronic song that helps you disvover the four worlds of the new app of Belgian newspaper HLN.

credits +
Client: HLN
Production: Make
Music: Audiotheque

Infrabel song

A lot of people do not respect the traffic rules at railways. With this campaign we gave a voice to the level crossing: Jeroom Slagboom or Jean-Pierre Barrière.

credits +
Client: Infrabel
Agency: Gents
Video production: The Breakfast Club
Music and lyrics: Audiotheque
Singer : Leander van het Groenewoud (Flemish) and Jullian Champenois (French)

VDAB en alles beweegt

We love it when someone asks us for some edgy music. So we want to thank Helvetica and Lovo films for posing the question.

credits +
Directors: Helvetica: Francois Mercier & Hans Vercauter
Produced by: Lovo Films
Song: Glue in the Dark by Raveyards
Mixed by: Audiotheque

Vegetables are the new Sneakers

How can you convince a screen-addicted generation with a concentration span of 15 seconds that vegetables aren’t boring? By making a ton of hyper active explainer videos with veggie food hacks! We made three short tracks to enhance the millennial yet retro feel of the clips.

credits +
Client: VLAM
Agency: LDV United
Production: Bounce Rocks
Music & sound design: Audioheque

Seaqual by BekaertDeslee

BekaertDeslee, the global market leader in the development and production of mattress textiles, and SEAQUAL™ have made it their mission to stop our ocean’s pollution and restore its balance. Together they produce recycled fabrics and use them to make comfortable mattresses and pillows for a good night’s sleep and a clean conscience. We made the music for this beautiful and present-day campaign.

credits +
Music: Audiotheque
Agency: Gents
Client: BekaertDeslee

Baloji - Zombies

The fact that Baloji is a multi-talented musician ànd artist, is again proven by his latest self-direct video ‘Zombies’. The video is a visual declaration about the zombie-fying effects of communication technology.The film's soundtrack is taken from Baloji’s 2018 album 137 Avenue Kaniama. The second song ‘Zombie’ (Glossine) was co-written and co-produced by Francois De Meyer (Audiotheque).

credits +
Composed by: Baloji, François De Meyer (Audiotheque), Stéphane Braeke, Ntale Ruhana Toms
Produced by: François De Meyer, Toms Ntale, Baloji
Video directed by: Baloji