Brand Campaign

In 2017, we created the music for the latest Alpro Brand Campaign. The result? A crisp and light-hearted pop song that tells the story of breaking routines and getting ready for something new.

To show the many ways Alpro fits into your lifestyle, the creative agency created a multitude of micro moments and fit them into different commercials and social shorts. For each moment, we made another edit of the campaign song, complete with new sound effects and voice overs.

Alpro Go-On

We created different variations (morning and afternoon) of the Alpro Go-On song for this European campaign, emphasizing the ease of use of the product.

credits +
Music and sound design: Audiotheque
Agency: Gents
Production: The Breakfast Club
Animation: NOZON

The Ingredient of a good start

To highlight the magical aspect of Alpro’s top it installation, we turned the sound of spring and easy mornings into an uplifting soundtrack and sound FX. Making the dreaminess of the commercial and the inspiration vibes come alive.

credits +
Music and sound design: Audiotheque

Nature’s Nuts

For Alpro’s ‘Nature’s nuts’ commercial, we adapted the 1933 song ‘Stormy Weather’, written and composed by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler. We revamped the tune together with Belgian musician, singer and songwriter Bent van Looy, known from Das Pop and Soulwax. The commercial was loved online, turning into a viral hit, with tons of people wanting to download the awesome song.

credits +
Music and sound design: Audiotheque
Agency: Alpro
Production: The Breakfast Club
Animations: Nozon

A Nutty Dream

Squirrel friends Ally & Hazel are ready for another adventure. This time it's a nutty dream that makes Hazel blush at breakfast.

Rise And Shine

Another song for the Alpro Almond products. With this song stuck in your head, your day is definitely off to a good start!

Alpro CGI

Enter Alpro's world of wonders and follow Ally and his friends in a fantastic journey to your fridge.