GHOST x Monterey

On May 6, the Ghent Citadel Park once again became the great backdrop for our GHOST x Monterey. We took more than 600 visitors along the most unexpected corners of the artistic spectrum. Music, performance, painting, slam poetry, mappings and visual arts were all covered.

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GHOST x Santarcangelo

GHOST travelled to Santarcangelo Di Romagna to perform as part of the theatre festival. Our scenery was Mutonia, a perfect match with its post-apocalyptic “Mad Max-esque” atmosphere.

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Ghost x The Shining

2020 was a special year, therefor we organized a very unique edition of GHOST. We curated an individual walk throughout Vooruit dedicated to 40 years 'The Shining'.

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GHOST 'Alien Edition'

In 2019 we celebrate the 40th Birthday of ‘Alien’, the iconic scifi classic from director Ridley Scott. The film, with the monster of H.R. Giger that since then became legendary, was given an unforgettable victory in Vooruit on Saturday 12 October.

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Ghost is a carousel of short performances (music, art). The concept was formed when we had to bring a support act for our band Raveyards and we just couldn't decide which awesome band to bring. So we started to invite them all...


This was our fourth edition of Winter GHOST, the yearly festival we organize in and around the Saint Jacobs church in Ghent. A festival with music, performance and art.

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Aftermovie: Alexander Deprez
Music: Raveyards
Photo: Eva Vlonk

1988 is a techno party concept, founded by nightlife rebels DJ Thang, Maximiliaan Dierickx, and Stefan Bracke.

Ghost @ Recyclart Brussels

During this Ghost, we did a little chat with Humo.

1988 with Adam Beyer / Kompass Klub

From the Swedish underground to the top of global club culture. Check out the after movie we made for the second edition of 1988 with Adam Beyer at Kompass Klub at Ghent.

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Music: Adam Beyer VS Dense & Pika - Future - Drumcode
Video: BoldMedia - Dennis Blarinckx