GHOST x Santarcangelo

GHOST travelled to Santarcangelo Di Romagna to perform as part of the theatre festival. Our scenery was Mutonia, a perfect match with its post-apocalyptic “Mad Max-esque” atmosphere.

On a Nightliner packed with Belgian artists, we went to live in the camp and took over the Mutoid life for one week. The result was an Italian-Belgian crossover on the 15th and 16th of July. With a special carousel of short performances scattered over the Mutonia camp site.

Together with STAKE, Mathijs Steels, ANKKH, Jesse Surmont, Reisac. ft. Jiheavy, BRENNT, Lotta Mächs, Zoe Francia Lamattina, Tullia Maria Primultini, Emilia Cantieri, Joris Casier, Cis Deman, Johanne Invrea & Mutoid Waste Company.

Check out a small interview below: