Shaping a new sound through peculiar encounter

Raveyards went where no band has gone before. During their ‘back to the cave’ tour, they played in god-forsaken crypts, grottos and cellars. From that moment on, they vowed to always keep their feet firmly planted in the unknown, seeking close yet peculiar encounters with their fans.

 Ever since Raveyards has been on an ongoing quest to shape sound in new ways with digital experiences at its core. Drawing on a century of popular culture, their newest songs have echoes of all music genres. From the industrial buzzsaw sounds and distorted drum-machines to the sounds of sonar and the twangy guitars of an obscure B-movie soundtrack from the 70’s.

Raveyards’ music doesn’t only stake its claim to your ears, it unleashes the aesthetic potential of music, by intertwining audio with slick and cinematic visuals. Creating full immersive musical experiences. Listen, or better yet - watch them here.

Photo: Eva Vlonk

The year 2019 marks the beginning of an entirely new Raveyards-experience, with new music and a new live set up. Their new musical approach could be described as electroclash, clubbing pounding beats and huge build-ups.

Their first single ‘Glue In The Dark' was released on first of April.


Our mini EP 'KYEM' is available on vinyl, spotify, soundcloud an youtube.

credits +
Produced by: Francois De Meyer
Mixed by: Yuksek
Mastering: Chris @ Exchange vinyl mastering
Artwork: Thomas Lerooy

Music videos

credits +
Song: Shampoo
credits +
Song: Remember
Director: Charles De Meyer
Production Co.: ADULT
Executive Producer: Tatiana Pierre
Production Manager: Charlotte Cotman
DOP: Manu Alberts
Editor: Koen Timmerman / Charles De Meyer
Post Production: Chuck Eklectric
Main Character: Samuel Lefeuvre
credits +
Song: Stunts
Director, concept, animation: Charles De Meyer
DOP: Maximiliaan Dierickx
Production Company: WRONG
Executive Producer: Tatiana Pierre
Production Manager: Simon Waterkeyn
Assistant Director: Joke Pevernage
Cinematographer's Assistant: Bart Van Otterdijk
Production Assistant : Bram Sterckx
Make-up: Esther Wauters
Sculpture Realization: The Protocol Room
Additional Designs: Benjamin Mousquet

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