Music and ambisconic mix for 'Glad That I Came'

Glad That I Came, Not Sorry To Depart’ is a project of Iranian artist Azam Masoumzadeh. She remembers her mother reciting poems when she was a child. It was only later that she discovered the meaning of the poems and that they were written by astrologer Omar Khayyam.

Together with Timescapes and VR-specialist Wim Forceville, Azam built an animated VR and AR experience to honor the poems by building and drawing different universes around them.

We got the chance to enhance the atmosphere of the different universes by creating ambisonic sound design. Together with tar player Ehsan Yadollahi we wrote and recorded music for the different rooms. Later on we created and mixed spatial sound effects to make it a real 360° experience.

The project premiered at Anima festival in Belgium and got a special mention from the jury.