In 2015, we took on the challenge of creating the sonic DNA for één, one of the biggest TV channels in Belgium. Together with Brent Vanneste (Steak Number Eight, Raveyards) we created numerous sound logos and tracks to smoothly transition from one program to the next. In February of 2017, we also tackled the new intro for the weather report. These sounds will be aired for at least 4 years, reaching 1.5 million people every day!

Sound logos

We created the brand’s overall sonic DNA, which we (audio)visualised through 9 unique yet coherent sound logos. From a funky tune and a more danceable logo to a country inspired theme and many more. These sound logos are used interchangeable throughout the entire year. For special moments, like Christmas, we even made extra adaptations, capturing the mood of that particular moment.


To fully submerge fans into the world of één, we created sound logos and composed the music between different television programs and during notable announcements.

Vrt Een Audiotheque Tuki Dance
0:00 -:--
VRT een Audiotheque TUKI Gentle
0:00 -:--
VRT een Audiotheque TUKI Funk
0:00 -:--


In 2017, we did the sound styling of the renewed weather announcement for the national television channels één and Canvas. Besides the actual intro, we created adaptations for every type of weather.