Ferry, the movie

Ferry is based on the drug lord Ferry Bouman from the series "Undercover" and forms the prequel to the first season. In 90 minutes, the movie takes you back to the early years of the drug criminal. Bouman is still an errand boy for hash baron Brink and is destined to become his successor until... he meets Danielle.

Audiotheque had the honor of providing the complete soundtrack. In line with the series you can count on tension, surprising plot twists, emotion and humor - which is also translated in the score.

You can watch "Ferry" on Netflix. The soundtrack itself is released via PIAS and available on Spotify.

credits +
Production company: De Mensen
Director: Cecilia Verheyden
Screenwriter: Bart Uytdenhouwen
Showrunner: Nico Molenaar
Music composed and produced by: Francois De Meyer
Music co-produced by: Stefan Bracke
Recording studio: Audiotheque
Audio post production: Thomas Vertongen (Sonhouse)