Infrabel song

A lot of people do not respect the traffic rules at railways. Belgian infrastructure manager Infrabel launched a campaign to tackle this dangerous behavior around the level crossing.

Creative agency Gents rose the idea of a personification of the barrier. Because how would you feel if so many people ignored you? They created the character of Jeroom Slagboom or in French Jean-Pierre Barrière.

The goal was to evoke empathy among the Belgian population by making a strong visual and auditory campaign. We created a song that reflected a day out the the life of Jeroom/Jean-Pierre.

You see by the first shot that he’s a genuine, good guy. Unfortunately his day is not running smoothly. He often gets ignored and feels invisible. But then, when he almost gave up hope, a little girl looks at him and stops.

It was crucial to find a fragile and trustworthy voice for the song. For the Flemish part we went in the studio with Leander van het Groenewoud, son of the legend Raymond. The French singer is Brussels born Jullian Champenois.

credits +
Client: Infrabel
Agency: Gents
Video production: The Breakfast Club
Music and lyrics : Audiotheque
Singers: Leander van het Groenewoud (Flemish) and Jullian Champenois (French)
Song: De Slagboomblues / Le Blues Du Passage à Niveau