O'Tacos Beatmaker

O'Tacos makes a name for itself with the launch of the very first Rap Box, thanks to Audiotheque and mortierbrigade. With this online beat machine the leading taco manufacturer makes its fans warm to make their own rap song. What is special is that the music concept is linked to the personalized range of O'Tacos and the 40,000 possible combinations. With this initiative the brand encourages its fans to let their creativity run free. The winner gets 1 year of free O’Tacos, and his or her favorite taco gets a place of honor on the menu of every O'Tacos for a month. This is the ideal way for O'Tacos to further strengthen its position in urban culture.

The principle is simple: fans can make a rap number on with the keyboard of their computer or smartphone. The entire program was devised around the O'Tacos concept: the sounds and the beats together represent all the different possible combinations of O’Tacos. The participants must first choose between three beats that correspond to the different sizes of O’Tacos: medium, large and giga. The rap song itself is made with different sounds, all of which bear the name of one of the O'Tacos ingredients: goat's cheese, turkey bacon, curry, fries ...

Every rap number is then included in a national ranking. The more often a song is listened to, the higher it will be in the ranking. Joost Berends, Creative Director at mortierbrigade: "With the Rap Box we wanted to emphasize the interest of O'Tacos in music and in particular everything that has to do with street art, rap and hip-hop. Because the DNA of the brand is strongly connected to urban culture. "

You can make your own Rap until 12 March at