New jingle for Midas

When you think of Midas, you instantly think of the almost mythical tagline ‘Onderhoud zonder zorgen’. Agency Duke & Grace tackled the challenge to update and reposition Midas as a brand, inevitably also taking care of the jingle.

Goal was to reposition Midas as a brand, adding an emotional layer to it and focussing on human interactions and bringing the brand mission 'taking care of every driver' alive on every touchpoint.


By transforming the baseline ‘Worry-free maintenance’ into ‘Maintenance with care’ (onderhoud met zorg/L’entretien aux petits soins) we highlighted that human aspect and made it more positive. We kept the catchy and recognizable melody but made a modern and up-to-date version of it.

Midas jingle
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TV commercials

The new positioning and visual style were also translated to the big and smaller screen. In 4 short TV spots, we follow different people from a Midas garage to important moments in their lives: a first date, a big wedding, a warm summer holiday or an exciting road trip.

Throughout these different stories, we incorporated the Midas melody in different ways to make sure they matchs the image.