Itsme® soundlogo

Sound design and jingle Itsme®

Itsme® is Belgian Mobile ID’s brand new app. A unique digital ID that can be used for all digital interactions, from logging in to sharing data and signing documents. All with your mobile phone. Creative agency Gents wants to define and strengthen itsme®’s position by creating a new standard for digital identification and authentication: “bye bye card reader, hello itsme®!”One of the first steps for us in this project was creating a sound logo.

Sound logo

The power of music and sound transcends language, culture and all thing visual, it’s the most universal expression of emotion.

We wanted to create a sound logo that corresponds with the emotional values of the brand and therefore helps building a positive brand attitude and a strong brand recognition.

If we look at itsme®, we see the brand is built on four pillars: user-friendliness, privacy protection, accessibility to all, and security. How can we put these words into music?

We emphasized the feeling of security, liberation and convenience, using non-complex melodies and well-known sounds that evoke the feeling of familiarity. We wanted to create a sound that appeals to all generations (from ages 18 to 80).

We used wood and bamboo sounds to create a warm and familiar feel. The five-tone melody refer to the 5-digit code and creates a sound that is both catchy and easy to remember.

0:00 -:--

7-seconds spots

Together with the sound logo, we created the sound for four seven-seconds spots. Each spot is a playful reference to the end of the card reader, thanks to the smarter way to log in: itsme®.We searched 8 voices to play the different characters and created the music wallpapers for each spot.