A beer that brings out the best in you, deserves a song that is a true earworm.

We created the music and lyrics for these hip-shaking clips, as well as the radio clip for Wallonian radio. ‘Let’s Hop’ is destined to be stuck in your head for days. With lyrics who are claer a nod to one of the main ingredients used to make beer!

With the campaign and the little videos they want to encourage people to share their own moment of happiness. On their website you can download the song and use it in your own video.

Let's hop to the top!

Lets Hop Audiotheque
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Advertising Agency: Federate
Music & radio production: Audiotheque (François De Meyer)
Creative Director: Denis Dubrulle, Thomas Danthine
Project Management: Yana Huygens
Creation: Denis Dubrulle, Thomas Danthine, Manoah Iannello, Gil Gauniaux
TV Production: VHS (Manon Lambert & Zoubeir Ben Hmouda)